a movie night! I thought you might want to watch The Map of Tiny Perfect Things together so this is a coupon for a movie/date night. Even if we're not in the same city, or country, at least we can still watch movies together after a long day apart.
It is still my plan to do a murder mystery date (so consider this a coupon for a coupon, I'm just waiting on Bill and Cooper), but until that day arrives, how do you feel about escape rooms? This is definitely a two player game and we'd have to work together to solve it. I tried doing it alone (to test it) and it's impossible. I need you, clearly, to help me out.
an actual date, when the world is a little bit more normal. It might be a while, but I really want to take you out, and not just because both of us have expressed doing things in dark corners. It would just be really nice to eat out at a restaurant and not have to do the dishes aftwards, and then go for a walk and just spend time with you. Although the dates at home are very nice as well.